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About Atlas

Access the workforce of the world

Enabling employers to access new pools to talent


Atlas connects global talent with U.S. opportunities, fostering mutually beneficial relationships through excellence in world wide recruitment.



Corporate Clients currently being served


Countries throughout the world that Atlas is currently recruiting

Atlas enhances global access  by developing a streamlined, sustainable system for connecting talent with opportunities worldwide.


Offices where Atlas is delivering transformative solutions


Innovative recruitment solutions designed to connect a changing world.

Collaborative Vision

Atlas operates within existing employment frameworks to enhance, not disrupt. We collaborate with clients to streamline their organizational structure and work with regulatory bodies to ensure optimal, secure, and compliant solutions.

Empowering Partners

Atlas thrives when it serves more people. We empower recruiters by offering resources and assistance for connecting talent through a global network of opportunities

Global Reach

With recruiting networks that span 60 countries and strategic partnerships that allow Atlas to deliver the best possible employees to our clients.   


40 years of international business experience

The leaders of Atlas bring decades of experience in international business, labor law and compliance; paired with the ability to implement creative solutions for a ever changing world. 

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